[rrd-users] Getting last RRA update time

Chris Mason chris at noodles.org.uk
Thu Dec 22 14:45:44 CET 2011

Hi Alex,

> What you can do is:
> * get the current time
> * get the last update time
> * get the amount of seconds per RRA row (e.g. 288*300=86400)
> * compute the update time from this, e.g. an integer division followed by a multiplication: $last_update/86400*86400
> * rrdtool graph using the time you collected as end time, use the information collected in the previous step to inform your users

Thanks, this works fine fine - I am using "rrdtool last <RRD>" before
my call to "graph" which I am assuming is the best way to get the last
update time?


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