[rrd-users] Behavior of 'rrdtool dump' changed after/around 1.3.4? (cdp_prep.value changed from NaN to 0)

Till Dörges doerges at pre-sense.de
Tue Dec 27 23:40:12 CET 2011

On 13.12.2011 16:10, Till Dörges wrote:
> On 12.12.2011 20:46, Till Dörges wrote:
>> I've been using RRDtool 1.3.4. After updating to 1.4.5 the output of 'rrdtool dump'
>> (and rrdtool info) changed.
> What I should add: The source RRD file itself didn't change. Only what 'rrdtool dump'
> produces.

It looks as if I was subtly wrong. There is no fixed source RRD file.

But I do have a black box test that behaves differently with different versions of
RRDtool. The test code generates its own RRD source file ("rrd create", performs some
operation on it ("rrd update"), does an XML dump ("rrdtool dump") and compares that
against a known good ("diff").

I'll try to look into it.

Regards -- Till
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