[rrd-users] rrdtool cluster filesystem question

Francesco Andreozzi francesco.andreozzi at gamestorm.it
Wed Dec 28 15:43:46 CET 2011

hi all,
I have a question....
Actually we use one machine to process lot of rrd data, we use rrdcached
to works and everything works great.

We works on a debian machine with a precompiled rrdtool 1.4.3 package.
Due to the heavy load of the server and redundancy requirement we need
to enable a cluster to manage our application and work on rrd files.

We try to share the data via NFS in order to be able to made read and
write operation on multiple nodes... but this seems to not works... we
saw a lot of messages about locking problem and all the data still NaN.

We search on the list and found informations about compiling option
without mmap feature.

I dont know exactly what mmap do but what i understand this feature
speedup read and write process because reduce disk access time....

Ok but my question is...

NFS can be a good solution or i have to move on cluster FS like OCFS2?

if i can use NFS what feature i need to disable/enable to have rrdtool
and rrdcached working good?

What are the performance difference if i use MMAP or not ?

Thankyou a lot

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