[rrd-users] Drawing graphs in a "plot" way more than a "average lines" way

tntteam at free.fr tntteam at free.fr
Thu Feb 17 18:28:16 CET 2011

Hello there,

I'd like to know if this is possible to change my actual output like I show in my attached picture.

I'd like the average function, but some of my graph needs to show the "high" usages.

Also, maybe it's my web program that is buggy, but all my rrd graphs seems to be on the wrong time.

I mean :

My datas are like : plot 1(9h) : 5ms , plot 2 (10h) : 10ms, plot 3(11h) : 150 ms, plot 4(12h) : 10 ms

Well the graph generated is something like

The graph line is about 7ms at 9h, then goes about 120ms at 10h, and drops back to 10ms at 11h.

So it's like the high value (150ms) is taken in account on the previous step of data.

The output I'd like would be :

The graph line is about 7ms at 9h and 10h, then goes about 120ms at 11h, and drops back to 10ms at 12h.

Sorry for my bad english :/ Is this a known issue? Any arguments I can try to play with to correct this ?

Thanks for any help
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