[rrd-users] Update and graph doesn't show what I expect

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Feb 18 16:50:53 CET 2011

JoeSpam8 wrote:
>I have a problem when I insert/update new data into my COUNTER. This is how I
>rrdtool updatev power.rrd N:17886
>It gives me this output:
>return_value = 0
>[1297974720]RRA[MIN][1]DS[tpower] = 5.9624031927e-01
>[1297974720]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[tpower] = 5.9624031927e-01
>[1297974720]RRA[MAX][1]DS[tpower] = 5.9624031927e-01
>[1297974720]RRA[LAST][1]DS[tpower] = 5.9624031927e-0
>Why don't I see my actual number in here? Also my graph is showing these
>weird numbers where I would expect to see the number of watts used the last
>minute (some thing between 40-90).


and in particular :

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