[rrd-users] Simple Question about RRdtool fetch

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Sat Feb 19 09:00:02 CET 2011

> 1298003580: 1.5003000000e+00 3.3520000000e-01 2.0910000000e-01
> 1298003640: 1.3737000000e+00 3.7380000000e-01 1.1480000000e-01
> 1298003700: 1.6837000000e+00 3.7800000000e-01 1.8950000000e-01
> Question : Why the result is start from 1298003580 to 1298003700, it
> should be 1298003520 to 1298003640, right ?

The entry marked 1298003580 is the one covering the time upto 1298003580. In 
other words, it is the rate valid between 1298003520..1298003520.

You are right, you have no use for that last line. I really have no idea why 
that extra line at the end it there. RRDtool used to do it properly, give 
what you ask for, expanding the range slightly _when_needed_. In this case 
it is not needed, all the information you ask for is in the first two lines.

The first line covers 1298003520..1298003580.
The second line covers 1298003580..1298003640.
Ditch the 3rd.


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