[rrd-users] Updating more than once per second using rrdcached

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Mon Jan 10 14:50:26 CET 2011

Hi Graham, Hi Simon,

Today Simon Hobson wrote:

> It wouldn't help since the underlying data only supports whole second
> resolution. You'll have to do some scripting of your own to aggregate
> updates a bit before you feed them to RRD.

well, actually you can update in milli second resolution, its just
your stepsize that is limited to seconds ...

it seems that the person who implemented the update time checks in
rrdcached did not know this and the check therefore makes sure that
updates are at least 1 second apart ... the check in rrdcached
needs fixing, so that it takes x.y formats into account ...


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