[rrd-users] Resolution of .png image being printed to STDOUT with 'rrdtool graph'

David Ball davidtball at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 00:10:13 CET 2011

rrdtool 1.2.12 (I know, I know....)

  Is there a way I can convince 'rrdtool graph' to *not* print out the
resolution of the resulting image to STDOUT ?  I tried toying with the
--imginfo knob to no avail.  I'm trying to generate a .png, then I print out
a bunch of HTML which includes an IMG SRC tag pointing to the image I just
generated.  But the fact that the image's resolution is being printed when I
make the call to 'rrdtool graph', it's bunging up my HTML (cuz I haven't
printed Content-type: text/html  yet).

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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