[rrd-users] Question with 1-hour samples

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Jan 19 10:08:03 CET 2011

Jason wrote:

>I'm having a great time learning RRDTool, but stuck with a problem.  I
>have my 5-minute average samples working, but with the 1-hour samples,
>something is wrong - the Maximum array value is different for two
>different RRAs when it should be the same.
>This is how my RRA is created for a 1 hour sample going back 14 days,
>and 60 days:
>         RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:12:336
>         RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:12:1440
>After collecting data for a couple of hours, the Maximum value should be
>the same for both 14 days and 60 days.  However, the Maximum is lower
>for the 60 days and higher for the 14 days. They are both taking a
>1-hour sample, the only difference is the array rows is longer for 1 (14
>days) versus the other (60 days).  Shouldn't they both display the same
>maximum value?  What am I missing?

Dunno ! We've zero idea what values you put in and when, or what you got out.

Can you post an example showing what updates you put in, and what you 
get out. That means showing us the rrdtool update commands to see 
what went in, and show the stored data obtained with rrdtool fetch.

Simon Hobson

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