[rrd-users] graph title problem

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Jan 19 22:03:29 CET 2011

> I'm using RRDTool 1.4.2.
> and I'd like to use graph title with Korean.(with English no problem)
> But the Korean graph title look this :
> 23:23:20:53:54:...
> and, locale option is this :
> # locale -a | fgrep -i utf8
> ko_KR.utf8
> can anybody advise this ?

I've been meaning to try this, in order to get Chinese characters in the graph; however I've not managed to get around to it yet.  

It should be possible, but you would need to provide the font file to be used, and pass this on to rrdtool using --font "TITLE:<size>:<fontname>" where the font is located in the appropriate Pango library directory.  The default font will not have these extended characters (it seems to have normal ASCII plus accented European characters).  See the RRDTool manual and the Pango manual (RRDTool 1.4 uses Pango for the text handling) for more details.

On RedHat, try installing the fonts-korean.noarch package to get the fonts; I think they go into /usr/share/fonts and you can get the names by looking into the fonts.dir files under this.

Sorry this isn't a full set of instructions, but it's somewhere to start...


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