[rrd-users] How to get LAST, AVG, MAX data (that are in graph legend) in text/string format?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Jan 20 14:01:12 CET 2011

deele wrote:
>Sorry for such a newbie question, but the thing is, I am using Cacti, and I
>want to make automatic reports about traffic-type graphs, that include two
>values from graphs - Inbound Max and Outbound Max. I just don't understand
>how to get just those two values out of RRD. It would be easier for me, to
>make OCR trace on graph image, to extract those numbers :D

In RRD Graph you can use PRINT (not GPRINT) to print some numbers (to 
StdOut I assume). So doa  'graph' that has not graph elements (LINE, 
AREA, etc) and just PRINTs the values you want.

Simon Hobson

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