[rrd-users] legend title placement

Adrian Mihalko adriankoooo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 22:41:56 CET 2011


Here is my current chart:  

Titles in right column are at wrong place, as you see on the image. Can anyone help me to correct?

rrdtool graph ...
COMMENT:'	' \  
"LINE1:kliensek#0000FF:Csatlakozott kliensek száma" \  
COMMENT:'			' \  
"LINE2:aktivkliensek#99FF00:Aktív kliensek száma" \  
COMMENT:"\n" \  
GPRINT:kliensek:LAST:"	  Legutóbbi\:%7.0lf%s" \  
COMMENT:"					 " \  
GPRINT:aktivkliensek:LAST:"Legutóbbi\:%7.0lf%s\n" \  
GPRINT:kliensek:MIN:"	  Minimum\:%9.0lf%s" \  
COMMENT:"			  " \  
GPRINT:kliensek:MIN:"	  Minimum\:%9.0lf%s\n" \  
GPRINT:kliensek:MAX:"	  Maximum\:%9.0lf%s" \  

I can't positionate the last title in right column <code>GPRINT:aktivkliensek:MAX:"Maximum\:%9.0lf%s"</code> to left. Also in right column, the first title <code>GPRINT:kliensek:LAST:"	  Legutóbbi\:%7.0lf%s"</code> is at rong place by 1 pixel. The Minimum title only what is OK.

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