[rrd-users] HWRRA's

Daniele Sluijters d.sluijters at betterbe.com
Sat Jul 30 13:18:54 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

I just accidentally stumbled on RRD's Holt-Winters support mainly because I was looking for a system that could do some trending based on current data points.

Unfortunately, documentation, examples and general resources on how RRD's HW work is very limited at best. I've read the Aberrant Behavior Detection and it's counter-part in the rrdcreate docs. Though rrdcreate's docs state rrdgraph's docs has some information on using these RRA's to graph trends and confidence bounds I haven't been able to find anything on the subject.

I've found a few sources on the web but I was wondering if someone over here had some practical examples, code and graphs to show?

I was also wondering if anyone has found a way to use this data to project a trend-analysis?

Daniele Sluijters
e: d.sluijters at betterbe.com
w: http://www.betterbe.com

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