[rrd-users] is there a happy medium between rrdtool fetch and rrdtool graph PRINT?

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hp.com
Thu Jun 2 20:05:48 CEST 2011

I have an rrd containing all the fields of the sFlow generic interface
counter.  99 times out of 10 (*)  I am only interested in one of them at
a time.  When I am making graphs, that is all well and good, I can
select the specific field (term?) I want and it is graphed.  Happiness
and joy.

Sometimes though I just want a table of numbers.  At first blush rrdtool
fetch seems the way to go, but it is giving me all the fields, and seems
to do something squirrely with --start/--end - but that is perhaps best
discussed in another thread where I describe how I ask for one second
resolution (the rrd has a step of 1 second), a start time 120 seconds in
the past, and end time 60 seconds in the past and it still gives me 120
lines of data...and several lines of nans at the end. 

There is PRINT in rrdtool graph, but it seems to only print the one
number, based on the examples I've found and tried.

Is there a happy medium somewhere, perhaps which I've overlooked, where
I can get a table of just a specific field?


rick jones

* a phrase taught to me by one of my high-school athletics coaches,
meaning virtually all the time :)

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