[rrd-users] rrdcached absolute vs relative paths

Miroslav Lauš mirek.laus at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 16:03:15 CEST 2011


I'm running the rrdcached with following arguments:

$ /usr/local/bin/rrdcached -l unix:/tmp/rrdcached.sock -w 43200 -z 43200 -t 8 -f 86400 \
	-l -b /usr/local/var/rrd -j /usr/local/var/rrd/journal -p /tmp/rrdcached.pid

I'm facing following rrdcached issue, let's pick some RRD file:

$ head -1 /usr/local/var/rrd/journal/rrd.journal.1308566363.378979 
update /usr/local/var/rrd/ 1308566363:5643559679:3402210959001

Get last update time from it:
$ rrdtool last --daemon /usr/local/var/rrd/
ERROR: absolute path names not allowed when talking to a remote daemon

Okay, try with relative path:

$ rrdtool last --daemon
ERROR: opening '': No such file or directory

Ugh. Is this correct behaviour? How do I get last update from remote rrdcached instance?


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