[rrd-users] Graph control question

Jack JackListMail at Gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 14:20:23 CET 2011

Hello All,


Sorry to be a noob but you have to start somewhere.

I have used mrtg for a long time and recently upgraded my configuration to
utilize rrdtool.


I basically added LogFormat: rrdtool to my mrtg.cfg files and it works.

Now I am trying to improve the graphs it provides and I'm trying to make
them a little higher quality and change the standard colors.


After searching for a while with the all mighty google, I really cant figure
out how to accomplish this.

I don't see a graph configuration file or anything really pointing me in the
right direction.

I do see people showing the settings they used, but not where to put them
except command line and in my case I want to say we aren't running it
command line since mrtg is calling it.


If you have some documentation you can reference, sample config / gaphs etc
that would be appreciated!




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