[rrd-users] CDEF: comparing Strings

Andre Luis andre.luis at paxtecnologia.com.br
Mon Nov 7 12:45:09 CET 2011

hello, I'm new into cacti and I would like to know it there's a way to
compare strings with CDEF ...

I did some tests using numbers and it worked, but when I try with strings,
it gives an error.."ERROR: invalid rpn expression in:"

for example..
assuming a=10;
a,10,EQ,1,0,IF ..
it works...returns 1 ...

but with strings:
assuming a="test"
a,test,EQ,1,0,IF ..
it gives me the error message above...

I guess I should use another boolean function .. different than EQ .. but I
don't know how..
is there any way?


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