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Shabnam Shahreza shabnam.shahreza at alpha-group.ca
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Thanx a lot Simon;

I'm going to try these, however at the very end when I get the "MAX per month" out of all of RRD sources, GPRINT or PRINT don't show/print where did this MAX came from... I need to show the name of the source that has the highest value... at the moment I could only print "value" or "time"...


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Shabnam Shahreza wrote:

>1)      How can I draw only dots/pixels for the VDEF (MAXIMUM)
>values and not *line* or dashed line?
>I mean only one dot for the maximum value for start-to-end time period?

Dunno, sorry

>2)      And how can I compare different VDEF (MAXIMUMs) from several
>rrd files in one graph and pick the MAX of them? Do I need to create
>a new rrd file and extract the max from there?

You can access multiple RRD files in one graph like this :

Then you can use the RPN stuff to select the max, like this :
a,b,GT puts a result on teh stack to say if it's true or not, then
(something),a,b,IF selects a if (something) is true or b if it's not.
The result is if a>b then select a, else select b.

Of course, the simpler way I'd overlooked is just :

>3)      And how can I calculate separate VDEF (MAXIMUM) for
>different start-to-end time frames in one graph, such as monthly?

You can add time spans to a DEF statement :


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