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Shabnam Shahreza shabnam.shahreza at alpha-group.ca
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Thanx all; very good answers however I'm stuck on one simple step here.
I am using version "1.4.5" but ":start=x:end=y" in DEF doesn't work!!! Any idea? I used probably 40 different formats from absolute to relative date/time....

It works as --start --end but to graph different segments I need it to work in DEF too...


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> I'm going to try these, however at the very end when I get the "MAX per month"
> out of all of RRD sources, GPRINT or PRINT don't show/print where did this MAX
> came from... I need to show the name of the source that has the highest
> value... at the moment I could only print "value" or "time"...

How about this as a solution?

You set your time window to be the month, so your X-axis shows the month.  Graph the various data sources for that month.

Using VDEF, you can extract the month maxima for the various data sources.  Display this in text under the graph using HRULE with different colours and the values in the label text.

Your HRULE lines can display in the graph, with the key underneath showing the actual values.

Not /exactly/ what you wanted, but I think this is the closest you can get.  You might need to do two passes of RRDTool to extract the values to put in the HRULE comments.


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