[rrd-users] Changing X-Axis

Francisco Abel Perea Mora fapeream at unal.edu.co
Tue Oct 18 00:58:44 CEST 2011


After searching for hours how to setup X-Axis I still have a question
I'm working with energy efficency. We take measures from energy consumption
and production at the same time. As an example say:
Month Energy Production
 [KWh] [Ton]
march-98 138480 2161680
april-98 122880 2103370
may-98 155280 2401320
jun-98 157920 2537565
jul-98 159600 2303359
aug-98 177600 2811775

An so on. The interesting graph in this time series is Energy vs.
Production. Is possible to graph this with RRDTool? By default X-Axis is
always fixed to time series, but I need to change that to Production and
setup Y-Axis to Energy. How could I do this?

Thanks in advance

Francisco Perea
Electrical engineer MSc
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