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Francisco Abel Perea Mora fapeream at unal.edu.co
Wed Oct 19 08:09:06 CEST 2011

Thanks Leo for your answer.

The whole idea in energy efficiency is management of energy consumed vs
units produced. For that, the energy is measured and also, at the same time,
the production. With both data then a linear reggression is made. That
yields in a line equation: y=mx+b. If notation is changed then the equation
is E=mP+Eo where E is the total energy, mP is the energy used to produce 1
unit associated to process technology called Energy Associated to Production
(EAP) and Eo is called Energy No Associated to Production, ENAP because if
you make 0 the production there are some energy consumed, say ilumination,
or computers and other equipment that consumes energy but don't produce

That's one of many reasons why is necessary to graph Energy vs. Production.
There are other indicators as efficency (E/P) and graphs shows how an
enterprise or process works in general and if they are near or far from
ideal production or close to maximum production.

To keep thing simple, it's like a car. Better than average speed, shown in a
graph as the speed vs the time, it would be more interesting to know how
many miles or kilometers, the car makes with a gallon of fuel. Energy
efficency is related to that. Would need to create a graph that shows
gallons (Energy) per mile (production), and see how it behaves. All data are
measured as a time series, the periodic reading of energy (fuel) and at the
same time, miles traveled.

I was thinking to change the source code of RRDTool to allow diferent data
in X-Axis, not just time, leaving the rest of code as is. By this way the
database creation and upgrade will be the same but graph could use one
database for Y-Axis and another for X-Axis only and just only if they have
the same delta time.

Maybe is easier to use a diferent software for display the data and keep the
rest of RDDTool software as is.
I'll try to see wich is the best option.

Thanks for your time

Best Regards

Francisco Perea
Electrical engineer, MSc.

keep in control how many energy a proccess consum

2011/10/17 <j.halifax2 at seznam.cz>

> Hi Francesco,
> If you are dealing with efficiency, you probably need to visualize its
> values in time
> moments of T = {t1, t2, ..., tn} in different levels of aggregations.
> Say that you have one time series of the production P(ti) and another time
> series of
> the consumption C(ti). You can calculate the efficiency time series as
> E(ti) =  F(P(ti),
> C(ti)), where i = (1, 2, ..., n). Here F(P(ti), C(ti)) can be for example
> P(ti) / C(ti) or any
> other reasonable function of the production and consumption.
> If you can measure P(ti) and C(ti) in equidistant time moments (i.e. their
> periods of
> t(i) - t(i-1) are constant), you can generate nice graphs of development of
> Efficiency
> (which you are interesting in) in time.
> Together with graphing P(ti) and C(ti), such graphs could tell your
> technology guys
> much about dependence of their efficiency on the production, consumption
> and even
> help them disclosing energy loss in the grid including illegal consumption
> etc.
> Isn't it what you would like?
> Regards,
> Leos
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> > Hi,
> >
> >
> >
> > After searching for hours how to setup X-Axis I still have a question
> >
> > I'm working with energy efficency. We take measures from energy
> consumption
> > and production at the same time. As an example say:
> >
> > Month            Energy Production
> >
> >                       [KWh] [Ton]
> >
> > march-98       138480            2161680
> >
> > april-98          122880            2103370
> >
> > may-98          155280            2401320
> >
> > jun-98            157920            2537565
> >
> > jul-98             159600            2303359
> >
> > aug-98           177600            2811775
> >
> >
> >
> > An so on. The interesting graph in this time series is Energy vs.
> > Production. Is possible to graph this with RRDTool? By default X-Axis is
> > always fixed to time series, but I need to change that to Production and
> > setup Y-Axis to Energy. How could I do this?
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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