[rrd-users] specific time rage needed

Jan Mara jan.mara at krankikom.de
Wed Sep 21 16:00:43 CEST 2011

Am 21.09.11 15:56, schrieb spooniester:
> Hi,
> i need to calculate some graphs for the power consumption of the last 5
> night. That means i need 5 graphs which show me the data from 11pm till 06am
> next morning and thta for the last 5 days.
> How can i do that with rrdtool graph. 
> --start end-4d is clear for beginning but what about the end? --end
> -start-7h is not working!
> Has anyone an idea?

did you try  --start -5days and skip the --end part?

    Jan M.

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