[rrd-users] rrdtool-1.4.7 error

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Feb 21 09:04:43 CET 2012

This error means that the CGI script has crashed.  Usually, this would be because you have a problem between the version of the RRDs.pm and RRDs.so

Try running the script from the command line.  Does it work?  Do you get a helpful error?  Often the apache error_log file will contain what you need.

Did you remove ALL the RRDs.* files before you installed the new version of the Perl libraries?  Or, did you install them to a separate location added to your @INC path instead?


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Thanx Steve,

I am now able to to have my RRDs.pm version as 1.4007 after installing rrdtool-1.4.7 but when i try to test with http://locahost/mailgraph.cgi  my apache logs give me the error below

Premature end of script headers: mailgraph.cgi   referer: http://locahost/mailgraph.cgi .

Mean while before i am not able to see any of the graphs generated.Is this because of the RRDs.pm version?
How can i go over this  "Premature end of script headers"such that my graphs may be displayed for viewing .
Please could you be having an idea of a workbale version of RRDtool .I am using slackware linux 13.0 as my OS platform.

Thanx in advance

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