[rrd-users] Can't store data to RRD file

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Wed Jan 18 01:11:42 CET 2012

> The RRA shouldn't affect the way data is store anyways. The fact is that
> is
> isn't being stored.

The fact is that time "N" cannot be reproduced.  And yes, it is important,
not just to know the time between each of the updates but also to know the
time in relation to the RRA.

If you create an RRA which stores 300 steps in each row, and if you have
an XFF of 0.5, you will need _at_least_ 150 succesful updates (when 1
second apart) to get just one valid RRA row. And that one is a corner

Until you understand why "N" is not good to reproduce a problem, please do
not argue anymore, just work your way through the tutorials.

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