[rrd-users] rrdcached communication via socket.

Aramis aramis at pop-pr.rnp.br
Wed Jul 4 20:31:54 CEST 2012

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help.

 > It can definitely do this; I have a perl program (routers2) that uses 
RRDs and accesses RRD files via the daemon.

I was doing a wrong call to the daemon.

 > Can you confirm that you have a supported version of RRDs ( 'print 
$RRDs::VERSION;' )?  You need something in the 1.4.x branch for this to 
work.  Possibly your RRDs is too old.

It seems to be a supported version:

# perl -e 'use RRDs; print $RRDs::VERSION."\n";'

 > Note that while RRDs::update works via the daemon, RRDs::updatev does 

That's ok. I just need some little functionality.

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