[rrd-users] rrdtool resize corrupts timestamps in both 1.3.9 and 1.4.7

Jo Rhett jrhett at netconsonance.com
Mon Jul 16 19:44:10 CEST 2012

Nope, they are on local storage.  Anyway, what do you find "unlikely" ?  This is 100% reproducible across many machines, centos 5.4 all the way through 5.8. Some with stock installed kernel, some with the very latest from RedHat.  I haven't tested yet on CentOS 6.x.

On Jul 13, 2012, at 10:20 PM, Steve Shipway wrote:
> Unlikely, but do your RRD files reside on an NFS filesystem?  There is a known problem with using mmap on NFS'd files.
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