[rrd-users] 'rrdtool update' using another rrd file ?

Bruno Costacurta techie at costacurta.org
Thu Jun 14 15:03:06 CEST 2012

Hello to All,

I'm using rrdtool via Munin which is a networked resource monitoring tool.

Munin was recently upgrade and I notice few hours later the location  
where files .rrd are written was different than before upgrade.
I corrected this and everything is now correct but a parallel set of  
orphan files .rrd were created.

I would like now to merge these orphan data to the original set of files .rrd.
Obviously to avoid a gap into the Munin graphical display based on .rrd.

How can I do this ?
Can I use something like :
rrdtool update current.rrd orphan.rrd
Or do I have to play with DS (Data Source) to load missing data ?
Other methods ?

Thanks for any help, or to pint me to the solutions.

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