[rrd-users] Multiple entries per second & playback

Chris Mutchler chris at leibnizcreations.com
Fri Jun 29 22:37:38 CEST 2012

I've used RRD for several years now for gathering statistics real-time and
it has worked great. Now I am trying to expand what I'm using it for to
include evaluating some load-testing I did this past week. Over the space
of a single day (86400 seconds), I sent roughly 2.3 million requests to the
application. Since I have several entries (queries) per second in the log
files, I would like a method for including each one in the RRD file and
subsequent graphs generated.

The structure I have for the RRD file (two input values and the averages I
would like):

    RRDs::create "$RRD/$server.rrd",
        "-s 1",

And then the actual string that I'm putting into the RRD file through the
PERL script:

my $stats = "N:$data{$key}{'total'}:$data{$key}{'wait'}";

Basically for each query I am assigning a unique key that has both a
total_response and wait_response value in the hash array. I know that I
could take each query value for any given second and average it, then put
that value into the RRD file, but that would prevent me from being able to
get the data I really need -- which is a graphical representation of the
load-testing showing any trends in (un)responsiveness by the application
throughout the course of a single day.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best method of including multiple
entries per second in a RRD file? And/or is there a good method for
inserting the data after it occurred (i.e. playback)? I already have the
perl script creating EPOCH timestamps from the logs for each query, so
playback should be possible, it is just that I haven't figured out how to
get RRD to do it for me.

One last note, I'm using the PERL module RRDs to do all of this in my

Thank you in advance for any advice|opinions|help given.
Chris Mutchler
chris at leibnizcreations.com
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