[rrd-users] Graphing multiple databases into one graphs

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Mar 29 22:48:59 CEST 2012

ilConsigliere wrote:

>I'm trying to insert sereveral rrd databas einto one graph.
>I'm using a per script made by an ex-collegue and it works fine but I cannot
>display the stack of the values.
>I use this kind of creation:
>         FNPATTERN memory_(.*)_(.*).rrd
>         GROUPBY @RRDPARAM_2@
>         TITLE Memory Utilization of @RRDPARAM_2@
>         YAXIS Used
>         -w 680
>         -l 0
>         -Y
>         COMMENT:"Graph period @DATERANGE@\n"
>         DEF:p at RRDIDX@=@RRDFN@:used:AVERAGE
>         LINE2:p at RRDIDX@#@COLOR@:"@RRDPARAM_1@ used \t"
>         GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:LAST:" \: %4.2lf%s (cur)"
>         GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:MAX:" \: %4.2lf%s (max)"
>         GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:MIN:" \: %4.2lf%s (min)"
>         GPRINT:p at RRDIDX@:AVERAGE:" \: %4.2lf%s (avg)\n"
>I'd like to display also the stack but I cannot do it. I tried several way
>but I faild. How can I do that?

As I'm completely unfamiliar with that syntax, it's hard to follow. 
It would be easier when asking RRD specific (as opposed to 
language/API specific) questions to stick to the standard shell 
options format.
As Jim says, all you need to do is this :

   DEF:a=<some file>.rrd:a:AVERAGE \
   DEF:b=<another file>.rrd:x:AVERAGE \
   AREA:a:... \
   AREA:b:... STACK

Ie, you just do one DEF for each item of data you want in the graph - 
and it makes no difference whether they come from the same or 
different databases.

Simon Hobson

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