[rrd-users] Y-scale grid lines Question

yendor Rod at Rods.id.au
Sat May 19 14:44:05 CEST 2012


     I have a atmospheric pressure sensor, and it hovers around the 
1000hPa area.

     If the graph is below for the complete plotting cycle, I have the 
divisions every 50 or so, with the numbers every 100 hPa, but as soon as 
the plot hits or exceeds 1000, I get a marking on the Y-axis of 1.0k, 
and thats the only graduation there is, a single Red line on the Y-axis.

     Is there a way to lock the graph to always shows the graduations 
<1.0k to be the same when it goes over?

     Once the graph extends further than the 1.0k mark on the Y-axis, 
even the 1.0k mark disapears, and you have no markings left, and really 
becomes meaningless :(


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