[rrd-users] need help with figuring out how many minutes furnace is on

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Nov 7 17:13:09 CET 2012

Haroon Rafique wrote:

>And to answer Simon's query, it is indeed a variable-speed, 
>modulating, variable capacity (need more buzzwords here) furnace. 
>But, alas, the website JSON data won't tell me what capacity it is 
>running as. (Or I haven't looked hard enough at the correct places). 
>All I get is the state of operation.

Could be worth dropping the manufacturer a line and see if it is 
available. You never know, they might turn round and say something 
like "that's a good idea, we'll add it". Or they might not.

If you do find you can get the load rather than just on/off, then I'd 
suggest setting up two DSs.
One to record running time (enter 1 for running, 0, for off), and a 
separate one to record load (enter the load as a fraction, ie 0.75 
when it's running at 75%). That will allow you to see both running 
hours, and how much heat you've been using (multiply by nominal 
output rating and time to get kWHr).

Simon Hobson

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