[rrd-users] Disabling Last Update

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 17:19:06 CET 2012

Wesley Wyche wrote:
>I would prefer to perform the update with the data based upon the collected
>time (which is the correct time the metrics occurred i.e. sampled), not the
>time it is updated (stored) in the rrd which could be a 1 to 2 minute delay
>(or in the event of some backlog scenario could even be hours later).

I can't say I've seen any suggestion that you shouldn't use the 
collection time.

Only that you need to fix your systems so that updates don't get 
processed out of order. It seems to me (from what you've said) that 
you could fix that by increasing the granularity of your batch file 
queuing system to include sub-second timing detail.

Simon Hobson

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