[rrd-users] help required to graph photovoltaic electricity savings

Dossy Shiobara dossy at panoptic.com
Wed Nov 28 14:47:21 CET 2012

On 11/28/12 8:02 AM, Thomas Parvais wrote:
> I would like to to two new improvements, for which I'm lost:
> 1. make a difference peak-hour / offpeak hours as electricity costs
> are cheaper between 19h00 & 7H00 and during week end. Make clear color
> distrinction on graphs
> 2. print on the same graph (second right axis) a new line with the
> correspondance between energy prodution / consumption (W*h) an EURO
> (we know i.e 1kWh costs 0.15€ off peak and 0.25€ peak)


I'd suggest using four DS:

(1) PV 0700-1900
(2) PV 1900-0700
(3) Supply 0700-1900
(4) Supply 1900-0700

When updating the RRD between 0700-1900, record the values in the DS's
for (1) and (3), recording zeroes as values for the other two DS'es.
And, vice versa when the time is between 1900-0700. Make sure to record
zeroes and not unknown ("U").

Then, you can graph all four DS'es, each with their own colors.

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