[rrd-users] X-axis labels incorrect

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Mon Oct 29 00:12:45 CET 2012

> I'm graphing temperature, see http://koti.welho.com/pmatil/out_day.png.
> Look at the x-axis labels. They should be at 2 hour intervals. But after
> 02:00 the next label is 03:00 and then at 2 hour intervals. What is
> happening? The x-axis label is constructed using
> -x MINUTE:30:HOUR:1:HOUR:2:0:"%H:%M"

Just in case you need a little more than Tobi already gave you:


That page is already there for some time but is as valid as it was a couple 
of years ago.


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