[rrd-users] Newby questions

Pablo Chacin pchacin at sensefields.com
Mon Oct 29 20:45:53 CET 2012

Greetings all

I'm new to rrdtools. I'm actually still evaluating it as as tool for 
storing monitoring metrics.
After reading the documentation and several discussions in this list and 
also in other forums
I'm still confused about a couple of things.
1. How are subsecond timestamt reported? In several places it is 
mentioned the existence of these timestamps, but can't find any example 
of how to specify it in the update command, except when using "N" as 

2. Supposing subsecond timestamps are supported by rrdtools, are they 
also supported by rrdcached?

3. Finally, is there any patch to add SUM function for totalizing a 
metric over a period. This is a very important requirement as we need to 
count the total number of certain events for minute, hour and day. I'm 
aware of the approach of using the average and multiplying by the 
reporting period, but this will lead to a approximated value. Even when 
I understand the concerns about it not working properly in all 
situations, I think is a very common requirement. Simply can't believe 
nobody has done this ever, unless I'm completely wrong about the need of 
such function.

many thanks in advance

Pablo Chacin
R&D Engineer
SenseFields SL
Tlf (+34) 93 418 05 85
Baixada de Gomis 1,
08023 Barcelona (Spain)

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