[rrd-users] Advice network protocol

Martin Friberg martin at swetech.se
Sun Sep 9 15:15:56 CEST 2012

Hello again :)

Im looking for pointers,advice in the following matter

I got a linuxserver (zentyal) that handles all the routing and traffic 
managment and it works great tho since i seem to awaken my dna-code 
thath andles graphs and its in fullspeed atm i would like to graph 
various network protocol

I dont want to "sniff" or in any otherway see which pages or what the 
users uses thei nternet for i just wanna messure the use of http skype 
msn jab spotify etc etc.
the ultimate goal is to have a graph similar to the one on the example 
pages (Cicso NBAR).

i been googling my ass off in search for a "NBAR" for linux sofar o 
tested NTOP  cacti etc etc and trying to figure out netflow  now NTOP do 
produce a graph over network protocol but its does 100000 others things 
that i dont feel the need for i been trying to hack NTOP but sofar i 
just manage to brick it completly haha :)

so i thought i would ask the wizard on this list for tips in this 
matters if there are any to get

Have a nice day ppl!

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