[rrd-users] New with rrdtool - data is not plotting to graph

Ben benjo11111 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 17:24:30 CEST 2012


I am new with rrdtool. I am making a graph for our application which 
provides cumulative data. So for them analysis, I use derive DATA SOURCE 
TYPE. Derive DST means : always take difference from current value and 
last value.

  my rrd command :
     rrdtool create a.rrd \
     --step 60 \
     DS:A:COUNTER:120:0:U \

rrd update command :

     logger rrdtool update a.rrd N:$A
     it shows each time value in syslog, so it is working fine.

rrdtool graph a.png -a PNG \
     --title="Info" -w $Width -h $Height \
     --watermark "`date`" \
     'DEF:A=a.rrd:A:MAX' \
     'LINE:A#00dd00:A' > /dev/null

     it generates blank graph.

     Where i did mistake, please provide your feedback.

     One confusion from me : RRA stands for Round Robin Archive, so when 
we should use MAX/MIN/AVERAGE/LAST with RRA? Please provide some example.


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