[rrd-users] bug/misfeature in the right axis or in my script?

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hp.com
Wed Sep 19 22:27:20 CEST 2012

Folks -

I have a script called "bloat.sh" which attempts to show the effect of a 
bulk transfer on network latency.  To do this it runs netperf tests, and 
then post-processes the output with rrdtool.  Part of this is picking 
scale factors for the right axis to simulate "full" right axis support.

In at least one instance I've noticed the labels on the right axis being 
not terribly distinct, and I'm wondering if that is a bug/misfeature in 
rrdtool or in my use of it.  In this example, reachable at:


you can see in ftp://ftp.netperf.org/right_example/bloat.svg what I am 
talking about.  Also under there is a copy of the script, and the 
specific output which was post processed.

The rrdtool version being used is 1.4.7 via Ubuntu 12.04.01.


rick jones

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