[rrd-users] any way to add a data source?

Yannick Marquet itcsoft54 at yahoo.fr
Sun Apr 7 22:17:12 CEST 2013


I already did it, but not with rrdtool tools.

I followed this step :
1) create a empty rrdtool with all ds (new and old).
2) I dump previous created rrd (new and DS), extract header for DS
3) I dump old rrd (juste old DS)
4) I make a script (i haven't this anymore) to replace header and line 
in <database> section as follow :
     for each line use old row, and add <number of new DS> "<v>N/A</v>" 
of <row></row>" sections
5) I use rrdtool restore to recreate the merged database.

Be careful, back up your file before try, because replacing database can 
be corrupted...

Le 07/04/2013 13:28, Simon Hobson a écrit :
> Shabbir Ahmed wrote:
>> Is it possible to create a new rrd and move the old data over?
>> Obviously there would be no data for the new data source
>> cp old.rrd new.rrd
> I don't think he meant "just make a copy of the RRD file".
> He's asking about adding a DS to an existing RRD - with one idea being to create a new RRD with the extra DS, and copy the data across.
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