[rrd-users] 1 minute RRD + Mysql + php + UnixTimeStamp + headaches

Guillermo Javier Nardoni - BUNAR SRL gnardoni at bunarsrl.com.ar
Fri Aug 9 17:40:39 CEST 2013


Dear List,


This is the 1st time I post here, so I hope I'll be as clear as posible.



We are a WISP from Argentina and we are trying to get a statistic graph from
every CPE installed in client location.

Every CPE is pushing information into a webserver running apache+php. The
data colleted are store into mysql table.

To get data consistent, we use UNIXTIMESTAMP generate by php script with
time() function. 

The function time() is used to generate the rrd file minus 1 sec for the
date of creation ($now = time() - 1).


We don't really know why traffic graph generated by Mikrotik are TOTALLY
different from ours. 

Data store on rrd file are "perfect", meaning correct.


As you can see in graphics, ath0 and eth0 are "mirror interfaces" being ath0
the Wireless interface and eth0 the one connected to client network. 

Data collected by sripts are quite equals but inverted (rx -> tx and
viceversa because of the clause above). Even though, graphics are not equals
o "related".

Traffic generate by our script are 1 minute average




Traffic generate by Mikrotik is (5 minutes average):




If you want to see our scripts those are in:

Script to update stats on every request from scripts running on cpe. Scripts
running on cpe are cron on 60 secs. -->

Script to process records store on mysql and generate rrd file, if no
exists, then update records into the rrd file and after that, generate
graph. --> http://intranet.ipred.com.ar/do_Stats.php?source=yes



Could please help me to get this work?.


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