[rrd-users] Using abberant detection, where is DEVPREDICT?

Alex Aminoff aminoff at nber.org
Thu Aug 15 18:02:17 CEST 2013

I configured some RRDs with MHWPREDICT, and I am seeing values for 
MHWPREDICT and DEVSEASONAL, but DEVPREDICT is staying unknown. I saw a 
post somewhere suggesting that one just has to wait, and in fact it took 
about a day before MHWPREDICT starting appearing. Any idea how long I 
need to wait before DEVPREDICT will show up?

Here is the perl code that creates the rrd:

my $tenmin = 60 * 10; # 10 minutes
my $hour = 60 * 60;
my $perday = 6 * 24; # number of 10min intervals in a day;
my $twoweek_intervals = 14 * $perday;
my $year_hours = 365 * 24;


  - Alex Aminoff
    BaseSpace.net and NBER

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