[rrd-users] Graphing two separate graphs from a DB

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Wed Dec 11 17:20:40 CET 2013

Similar to MRTG, I would like to have a graph for 24 hour and a separate
graph for 1 week.

I am pinging a host and graphing the latency.

I have an RRD called host-latency-db.rrd

I had two RRAs set up with 24 hours and 7 days but it is my understanding
the graph tool picks either/or depending on the data. I dont believe I can
graph off each RRA

Simply put, I want to ping a host, store the data and graph 2 separate
graphs with 24 hours and 7 days without having to ping it twice.

The only way I can thing to do this is after my get_data() command that
pings it, I run the following command

$rrdtool update host-latency_db.rrd --template pl:rtt N:$RETURN_DATA

I am assuming I will need two databases to store the information, 1 for a
day and 1 for an hour.

Then on my create graph script, I will have to have two rrdtool graph
calls, one on each DB, and create two separate graphs.

I was hoping there is a cleaner way or if I need two DBs and two graph

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