[rrd-users] Usual RRD question on AVERGAE, MAX and consolidation :)

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 16:14:43 CET 2013

A user has emailed me off list to inform me that data is consolidated
when you are drawing it into a graph, so this is like a second stage
of consolidation. After storing the data and possibly consolidating
it, the data is consolidated again if the graph you are producing
doesn't have enough pixels to display the data you are attempting to
pull from the rra's into a graph.

That sounds logical and strait forward to me, so I have tested this.
I have generated a graph using rrd tools on the CLI and uploaded it here;

I have generated another one but specified double the width and height
for graph size, and uploaded it here;

The min and max values are the pretty much the same but the average has changed.

So this looks like my question is answered unless anyone else any any
input on this?

Many thanks,

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