[rrd-users] Adding two VDEF values together

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Feb 21 22:27:55 CET 2013

> DEF:A=<rrdfile>:A:AVERAGE
> DEF:B=<rrdfile>:B:AVERAGE

You can't do this as you've put it, but there is a way to trick it.

Basically, a VDEF defines a single value (possibly with a time component), working on using a summary function over a dataset.  In your case, the dataset is A and the summary function that reduces this set to a single value is TOTAL.

A CDEF, on the other hand, works on a dataset.  This means that you MUST have a source dataset to work on, even if you subsequently dispose of it!  In your function, TA and TB are scalars, so there is no dataset to work on.  A dataset comes from a DEF or from another CDEF, which is why you're seeing the error message telling you to use one of these in your CDEF.

Try this:


This might seem to be redundant, but the initial 'A' loads in a dataset and initialises the output dataset.  Then, you push the scalars TA and TB onto EACH entry in the dataset and add them, resulting in a new dataset, though the value at each time point is total(A+B)

You might find it better to use HRULE if all you want is a horizontal line on the graph.

I've used something similar (having a dummy DEF var pushed onto the stack and immediately popped) to allow me to create a special CDEF that is dependent of just the time (it highlights the working day hours in the background)


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