[rrd-users] Strange behavior when using CDEF to divide twovalues

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Sat Feb 23 00:09:31 CET 2013

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> Hi Alex,
> I just saw your message on the rrdtool-developers mailing lists. Things 
> make sense now, but even with that information it took me a while to 
> notice COUNT is indeed an operation listed in the rrdgraph_rpn manual :-)

Yeah, and eventhough I knew about this problem, it was burried deep in the 
back of my memory.

The manual page has this to say about it:
When picking variable names, make sure you do not choose a name that is 
already taken by an RPN operator. A safe bet it to use lowercase or mixed 
case names for variables since operators will always be in uppercase.

So, using "count" instead of "COUNT" should already be enough.

> Thanks for your support.

You're welcome.


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