[rrd-users] How rrdtool will work if there are two or more sample points in one time step

David Copperfield cao2dan at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 09:57:27 CET 2013


I am new to wonderful RRD world, and got confused by the question: 

Let's say my rrd file's time step is set 300 seconds, but my sample script sends data every 60 seconds and update the rrd file 5 times (300/60) in each 60 seconds interval. What the final data will show up in the rrd file?

I got bothered by the question, and tried to simulate the case but got even more confused.

 It turns out that if I run rrdtool update <file>  time1:value1 time2:value2 .... time5:value5 in one command, then I got a average of the 5 values (GAUGE type variable for simplicity), but if I run 5 'rrdtool update <time:value>' at each interval, then the value is of no rules to follow. 

Any experienced please shed a light here. Thanks a lot.

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