[rrd-users] Probleme using several dbs and unknown values

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Wed Jan 30 11:40:05 CET 2013


I need a little problem to resolv.

I am tracing a long time graph, where datas are dispatched along different

for example for period1, I use db1.rrd, for period2 I use db2.rrd, etc...

Of course depending date my infos are present in only one dbs at the same
time, and requests sent to an other one returns an unknown value.

My problem is to deal with this unknown values.

In a first try, I have used a workaround with a cdef adding all the values,
and replacing unknown ones with a 0 :

for example, with 3 periods:


that works, average and max values are ok, but min and last are positionned
to 0 (it's normal, because some unknown values are present, and are
replaced by 0 in syntax)

In fact the better syntax would be something like :

if period1 != unkown use period1
else period2 != unkown use period2
else period3 != unkown use period3
else use unknown

to preserve unknown values.

For the moment I have not found a valid solution (for infos I ame using
rrdtool version 1.2.13 on AIX)

Some ideas?

Thanks a lot ;)
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