[rrd-users] Time Shift on Trend Graph

Chris Mason chris at netnix.org
Tue Jul 2 14:26:29 CEST 2013

Hi Alex,

I mentioned some docs to read, and suggested that you rephrase the problem.
> Unless you do, my guess is that nobody is going to be able to help.
> I also guess that once you are actually breaking the problem down into
> smaller bits and pieces, and are trying to describe what goes wrong and
> where, you may be able to figure it out yourself.

I am obviously not doing a very good job of explaining myself and what I am
trying to achieve.
I am trying to create a graph which shows a rough trend line into the
future using Least Square Lines.

At the moment, I have set the graph end to be "now+3 months" which creates
3 months of white space at the end of my graph with the projected trend
lines. I have produced the following example which shows this:

As I have less than 9 months worth of data, this results in white space at
the beginning as well as at the end of my graph, so I was looking for a
simple way to move the graph to the left so I only have white space on the
right. I was trying to obtain the first start point of the data so I could
set this to be the graph's start.

However, from what I appear to be reading this isn't something which is
easy to achieve as the "rrdtool first" function doesn't return the first
non-unknown value, but the start of the RRA.

As far as I can tell, when I first enter data into the RRD I could store
the time offline somewhere and then use this value in combination with the
"rrdtool first" function to try and work out the potential start time of
the graph to remove the white space, but this appears to not be without

So, if no one has an obvious easy solution to this, then I will go away and
see how I get on with implementing what I have suggested above.

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