[rrd-users] DataSetsWritten and UpdatesWritten on rrdcached stats

Nikhil mnikhil at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 12:34:30 CEST 2013


This is related to rrdcached STATS and the fields and more or less directed
at the authors of rrdcached.

When ever I look at the stats, I always have a notion about DataSetsWritten
and UpdatesWritten.
I seem to understand that given the number of updates being collected and
cached by rrdcached,at the same time being aggregated into collective sets
for batch updates of values to a given rrd, is not it that the
UpdatesWritten field should be used in place of DataSetsWritten instead and
DataSetsWritten be used in place of UpdatesWritten ?

Here in this below case, DataSetsWritten is being used to show the total
number of updates being written where as UpdatesWritten is showing number
of updates to the disk.

Statistics for example on  my system look like:

9 Statistics follow
QueueLength: 392483
UpdatesReceived: 205979537
FlushesReceived: 19621
UpdatesWritten: 10082573
DataSetsWritten: 191968672
TreeNodesNumber: 397174
TreeDepth: 23
JournalBytes: 0
JournalRotate: 0

To make it more sensible, I think the field names should be interchanged
for better understanding.
If there is anything that I am missing, please throw light on reason and
explanation to choose these words.

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