[rrd-users] weird issue with graph

antondoe at gmail.com antondoe at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 14:02:46 CEST 2013

Is 1.4.8 supposed to work with rrdcached?

I've just tried it and it gives me "No such file or directory" error when
ran as:

/opt/rrdtool-1.4.8/bin/rrdtool graphv --daemon IP:port <blah blah>


On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 10:51 PM, Ryan Kubica <kubicaryan at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Is there a reason you aren't using 1.4.8 stable but instead using a
> dev-branch?
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> We've traced this down eventually to librrd.so library.
> The one that comes with 1.4.99910102100 does not reduce scale of the data
> in time, e.g. if my daily graph shows 50Gbps max (and I am using MAX CF),
> my weekly and monthly graphs show 50Gbps as well.
> All more recent versions of the tool we've tried, including the latest 1.5
> trunk, scale the data down the longer the time period is shown.
> Is there a way to tell rrdtool to not to scale the data in time?
> Appreciate your help.
> Thanks!
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